Sunday 25th of August. After competing in Westonbirt challenge and having a fairly successful morning I began to walk back to the car. As I got in I checked my phone and was going to give the news to my mum of how well I had done that morning (the norm!). However when I looked at my phone I had many calls and texts just to say GET HOME from family. Me and my dad began to drive home as fast as we could, I arrived home to ambulances and family in complete distress, I got told the news that my mum was to be flow to Bristol as she had suffered a heart attack. Within the space of 3 hours from finishing my race at around 2pm in the hospital I was told my mum had passed away. My mum was a healthy and fit woman, it was a complete shock and it just couldn't be true in any way. It was a period of pure and utter disbelief, Ive never felt so much pain in my life and as I write this wrongly or rightly to you all to see I still feel a raw pain in my chest. It shouldn't it couldn't but it has. My life had turned upside down, I didn't understand anything, I could only cry and cry. 

My mum was a spectacular woman, a truly beautiful amazing and funny person who was loved by everybody. Her funeral summed her up in so much perfection so need do I need to do it here. 

This is just a way to tell everyone who has supported me in the last 57 days that I will never forget it. I can't tell you things are better because there not, but things are made easier by the great support iv'e had around me. 

I want to thank my family for being there massively and all grouping together so well. My incredible girlfriend, it has been a tough ride but she has been with my every step of the way and has been a life saver. To each and everyone of my friends who has turned up at my door, text, called, invited me to do things, brought my family food, taken us out. Anything and everything you have done has been amazing. To anyone who has posted a card through the door and happens to read my blog then thank you. 

Times like these I have learnt there are little words that people can say to you, however each and ever person who has been able to give something has made things easier. 

This will never be easy and never will I forget such an incredible mum, I will however do her proud like I always strived to do. I will focus on doing everything I can in the future to make sure she can be looking down on me saying "Go on son". Mum I love you and thank you for all you did for me. You will live on me and I will do you proud. 



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