At Eureka Cycle Sports they offer a comprehensive, specific and quality set of Triathlon bikes for both beginner and the more experienced triathlete; which also cater for all budgets.  The range of Scott, Orbea, Moda and Blue Triad bikes offer some of the latest models and technology that bikes can offer on the current market. 

There expertise knowledge and passion of the bikes comes across  when talking to them. Prices range from a brilliant £889.00 to £9,699.00 for the bike range, which can be broken down into smaller payments if required. The excellent section caters for the beginner triathlete to the pro level road bikes. The models provide some of the best selection of triathlon specific bikes around on the market at the moment! Whether you are after an entry-level aero-framed model or to the highest specification carbon fibre, electronic-shift pro level models they stock it. 

They also offer a range of framesets, catering for all prices ranges from £799.00 to £2,999.00.  Whether you are looking for getting around your first race, a new personal best or victory your bike frame forms the core and key part of any performance package. The range is perfect for the entry-level athlete offering the Argon 18 E-80 frameset, specifically designed for the entry-level athlete with the specification of a much higher end bike, for just £899.99. They also offer the Argon 18 E-118 frameset at just £2,999,99, which was designed by the Canadian pro and U23 time-trial champions and is therefore perfect for someone to start building their bike with for winning or setting a new personal best in races. The newest model from the E114 brings good gains with the much higher quality carbon fibre, which is also slightly stiffer; which allows better transfer power to the wheels when riding the frame. The bike offers an 8% increase in aerodynamics and is 14% lighter (1550g) compared to the E114 model and you definitely can feel that when out riding, that’s a huge gain. The frame when used not only offers a great light weight, aerodynamic bike but it also looks fantastic, flying into transition on this will definitely turn some eyes!

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