After a few years do running predominantly in Adidas trainers (never a problem) I opted for a bit of a change. Not sure change is always the best thing to advise.. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" rings a bell. However sometimes change can be good and the only way to see whats best is to experiment. 

I opted to try zoot tempo 5.0 running shoes. 
"This shoe was designed for the athlete who needs a stability running shoe and wants a triathlon specific race day shoe" (Zoot). That is the aim of the shoe and I really think it meets those points to perfection. 

The Zoot ULTRA Tempo+ uses Zoot's unique Barefoot technology which incorporates a seam-free liner withint the shoe. There is no seam from a tongue or any stitching. The shoe is specifically designed for triathlon race day without socks. This allows for super fast transitions which I have found are so important over the shorter distances. An innovative sole system used in military boots for amphibious operations (OTB Boots- Google it) also features a series of drainage holes in the insole and sole of the shoe. These holes prevent the shoe from getting water logged when athlete pour cups over their head in a hot race while running through aid stations. When in a triathlon its important your feet can get dry without you having to waste time doing it, these shoes allow for that brilliantly. What's also great is whether your racing on the road or trails the shoe can easily adapt in any weather.

Additionally, the Zoot ULTRA Tempo+ uses an integrated stretch lace closure system to facilitate quick donning of the shoes in transition. This system you wont see on any other running shoe and it really allows this shoe to be a market leader in this field. Its best selling point is probably its ability to be a fast race shoe in transition whilst providing great comfort on the run. Stability is accomplished partially through the use of a "roll cage" carbon fiber insert in the mid sole call the "Carbon Span" along with a conventional dual density, multi durometer midsole that uses varying hardness of shock-absorptive materials to provide a balance of cushioning and roll and lateral stability. The geometry of the shoe (sole thickness and wedge) are designed with what Zoot calls the "Tri-O-Mechanics" that are said to promote a more forward-than-heel foot interaction with the ground. 

These shoes are great for 5k all the way up to a marathon for a quick runner. It is suggested that anyone doing sub 1:30 for a half marathon or 2:45 for a full marathon then these trainers would be suitable. The lightweight nature of the shoe (275g) allows for a fast and light pair of shoes to be on your feet, however they provide great support and cushioning in the right areas for the forefoot athlete. It would be okay for someone to heel strike in these however, I don'k think they would last very long nor is the shoe aimed to support that. 

Aesthetically the shoes looks brilliant, the bright colours are great and the rest of the shoe looks brilliant. Just be looking at the shoe as a triathlete you can see, the time spent on designing the shoe to meet the demands of transition in the fastest possibly manner. 

The only negative point is when the shoe first come out it retailed over £100 however some good looking around you can probably get the shoe for about £60 now. 

Zoot's whole aim was to create a running shoe that was specific for racing whilst providing stability. There really have done that in abundance here! There a perfect race day shoe and also great for training in too. I wouldn't recommend doing all of your training in them however they will last a good 300-500 miles for a light framed athlete. The shoe is great for the neutral runner.


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