After the London race it was always my intention to then sit down and plan the end of the season. I deemed it would be a good opportunity to see how far I had come, and then also decide how I would like to challenge myself in the last month or so of the season before going on a small break before winter training. Having already race 13 or so times this year it has been an action packed year and a tough balancing act to go into races in good shape, but also not have to much time off tapering and recovering. I would be the first to say that I hadn't got the hang of recovering well at the start of the year and I would hit good blocks of training, but then become ill. 

After my London result however me and Andy decided that the year had been a success and we got out of it so far what we wanted which was experience. Having already booked the British aqauthlon champs in two weeks I had that in my calendar. There are also two more smaller aqauthlon events at the lake that have served as great practice so far so I am in them. 

The decision was then made that to finish the year by getting an Olympic distance race under my belt, as this would be a great end of season. Bala standard distance was chosen for the 8th September. It will be sure to be a great race, I'm looking forward to doing something slightly longer as I believe it will suit me more. Hopefully as well despite it being my first one I will hit a good time, as I have set my sights on some tough target times (fingers crossed). 

Once that is complete the plan will be to rest up for a while (undecided on how long). Before then hitting my winter training programme,


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