Not one that was completely planned and meant to be on the race calender this year was Tewskbury Sprint. I only got told about it in the week and got a phone call on the saturday to say if I wanted to race they had a slot for me! I of course said "yes please". Having got into such a regular pattern of racing every weekend its been weird not racing! 

What was most pleasing for me, that my dad who is a big inspiration to me was putting himself on the race line after not racing for three years due to injury. The man was back. Without him I wouldn't of even give the sport a go, so was great to have him as a competitor. 

Another strong swim for me and a great T1, probably one of the best of the year put me out second on the bike and chasing hard. I knew the man who was out in 3rd, would probably go on to win the race so i knuckled down and started to work hard. He come up alongside me and past me and I was then dteermined after dropping back 7 metres to go no further. This tactic worked really well for me and we caught up with first. However they knew each other very well and sadly started to work together (naughty boys!) and left me behind. The bike itself ended up being 3.5 miles longer than the 12 miles stated, however I really enjoyed the longer ride and felt strong throughout. I come into transition 3rd and despite my number falling off and running back for it, still had a great T2. Out on to the run I just wanted to keep things smooth. I know I'm starting to get some more consistent running in and I just said to myself keep it smooth and don't loose third; and that is what I did. Across the 3 laps I didn't really settle down but I kept hold my my 3rd place overall and 1st in Junior along with a morale victory out on the bike. It was a good day after a long hard week of training. 

Very importantly also, my dad finsihed and felt great. So hopefully he has the bug back again, was great to see him out there. Also alongside him two of my sponsors Kev (swindon injury clinic) and Liam (Run swindon) had a good battle against each other, Liam taking the victory and looking very good in pink. 

The race was really great and it's filled me with more confidence that things are heading in the right direction. 


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