Wow.. What a shoe. 

The Saucony Kinvara 4 is the latest version of the honourable minimalist trainer. It provides a few tweaks to the model which many attribute to the boom of late in this Saucony range. The newest version of the Kinvara is more evolution than revolution, it carries the same design aspect and looks very similar however the shoe itself has been tweeked. 

All told, the Kinvara 4 provides an excellent running experience simply by joining the best parts of the previous models together. The Kinvara 4 provides a well-received and focused minimalist shoe for both newcomers and initiated alike. It is aimed at fast runners and It looks more of a race day shoe, however due to great work done with the stability of the shoe and cushioning it is the perfect training and race day. There has been work done on the heel area, so people who heel strike and are looking for a lighter weight shoe this could be for you. The latest version looks like an amalgamation of the previous models, showing a certain maturity with subtle changes rather than flashy alterations.

I will start firstly with it's colour because that's what really makes it stand out from the start. It is available in 7 colour ranges per gender (14 in total). All are great, some are more subtle than others so just depends how much you want to stand out from the crowd! This design aspect really allows people to enjoy what they are running in!

Getting down into the more technical stuff.. this shoe is really impressive. Saucony as a brand I really rate. I nearly went off them, but that was my fault due to picking the wrong shoe for me, this is why it is so important to get yourself gait analysed and really talk to an expert (If your local, Go to Run Swindon!). 

It is a very lightweight shoe 6.7 oz./ 190gm (size 8). This continues the lightweight performance of the shoe from the previous models but remains very responsive and stable. The drop from heel to forefoot is 4mm. This is great for the lighter/faster runner who impacts the ground less and doesn't need the added cushioning. The lightweight feel of the shoe makes it feel like you don't have them even on.

The upgrade from ProGrid to PowerGrid in the heel landing zone for even smoother transitions is great for heel strikers looking for a light weight shoe, it also adds to an improved overall ride (PowerGrid is a lighter yet more durable compound than ProGrid). In addition they have redesigned the upper continuing to utilize FlexFilm for a lightweight, natural feel in the forefoot and toebox area which allows for some great breathing space for your feet, but at the same time increases the stability in the fore foot area. This for me is what makes it a fantastic shoe, the cushioning from the gel pads in the front of the shoe provides great cushioning and bounce for forefoot runners. The outsole features the triangular lug design which adds the the great stability and durability of the shoe. A frequent complaint with the Kinvara 3 was achilles irritation, the lower heel will now hopefully stop the irritation found from the Kinvara 3. 

Saucony have done a perfect job with this shoe.. They really applied the "What isn't broke don't fix it" to most of the shoe and were able to alter some things to enhance the performance of the shoe.  This is a perfect high-milage low weight shoe for efficient runners which will respond really well under foot during training or racing.

Thank you Run Swindon for letting me run in this shoe!

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