It was a race in many ways that summed up my season. A constant learning experience at that higher end of competition, but me giving nothing but 100%. Iv'e always felt strong when competing in aquathlons; against anyone. I knew like the whole of my season I haven't been in the best run shape, due to niggles with my calf. But lately I have felt as though iv'e made improvements with my gate, and also been able to up my running sessions so things are starting to head in the right direction. 

The swim I felt strong but still lacking some experience where to place myself, within such a good field. I feel I should always be a front pack swimmer but getting caught within the mass makes it a hard job to swim properly. However I come out of the swim reasonably well and with a good group. The run was a lightning pace, I progressed and felt massively better on my second lap and defiantly starting to feel I can run again. However against the winner i'm about two minutes down on the run which has been a big problem and defiantly shows how much iv'e struggled with my running sessions and the subsequent problems that has had on my race performances. Losing most places and time on the run shows how I need to focus next year on making improvements on my gate so that I stay injury free and can really focus on getting the milage in on the run sessions. 

But antoher great experience and 20th in Britain I have to be happy with. Its minimal margains and this year has shown me, even though it may be my first year with hard work and consistency through the winter and in to next season I beleive I can get some big performances and good results next year. 

The year is near it's end, one serious race to go with two small aqauthlons to keep me fresh in between. Looking forward to a rest after a few hard weeks into Bala. 


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