The mid week aqauthlon series over at Cotswold lake have been some great preparation events drawing in some great athletes. Having won the last one and Sunday's race firmly in my mind I was ready to go and prove to myself that I was in great form.

Once again due to the lovely summer that has hit us we were told it was a non-wetsuit swim and I once again pounced on the chance to control the race from the off. Going into an early lead and putting a good gap between me and a chase pack I was feeling great. On the day we were swimming around small sailing boats as our turn points and unfortunately I believed a boat sailing to be the furthest turning point. So while I chased a moving boat around the lake the rest of the field took the appropriate left hand turn.

Once I was getting waved at from the boat I realised the mistake I had made and turned around to see the field swimming across the lake.. In a matter of seconds I thought here we go again more bad luck. But I just thought smash yourself and see where you can come. I ended up around 2 mins off the leader out of the swim due to the extra 300m or so swimming extra I did and come 7th overall.

It was a tough four days and not the preparation I wanted leading into my A race in London. But I took the positives from my training and that hopefully the luck would turn in my favour when it come to racing in London!


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